Education Plan BD

Frequently Asked Questions

The Education Plan for Study Abroad is a comprehensive and tailored consulting service designed to empower students in Bangladesh (BD) with the opportunity to pursue higher education overseas. This program is specifically curated to assist students in broadening their horizons, developing critical skills, and gaining a global perspective through international academic experiences. By embarking on a study abroad journey, students will not only enhance their academic qualifications but also foster personal growth and cross-cultural understanding

Education Plan BD is your comprehensive solution for all university-related inquiries. Our expert counselors are well-equipped to guide you in finding the ideal university or institution worldwide that offers your desired course. By considering your educational background and career aspirations, our counselors will recommend suitable courses from various universities around the globe.

Selecting a study destination involves essential considerations, such as the location of study, institution rankings, the duration of your stay abroad, and the overall cost of education and living expenses. Additionally, the economic, political, and social stability of a country are important factors to bear in mind while applying. Understanding a country’s migration policies is crucial if you intend to explore post-study opportunities there. Rest assured, your counselor will furnish all the necessary information for your convenience and informed decision-making.

As an applicant from a non-English language speaking country, a student requires to show the proof of English Language Proficiency. IELTS is not mandatory for all of the University / Institute. It depends on the University / Institute as well as the country you are applying for. As you are applying from a non-English speaking country, it is your responsibility to provide English proficiency documents like IELTS/PTE/ etc. where required.